Release 10/31/13

After a summer of loud tunes, drama with the band Revival, and a much needed vacation to Nashville & the Smokies, we are finally ready to release my 4th solo album. It is a very different album in every way. Above the Snakeline is a CD two years in the making. It has developed and evolved out of a 24 song writing binge ala the power of the Holy Ghost. The album is a mixture of rock, world, electronic, and Christian themes resulting in a sonically diverse explosion of rhythms and textures. I'm really excited about this release as it is a departure from the direction of past works. Hey, if you don't continually change and grow musically, you become like the cheesy pop rock template music garbage that keeps me changing radio stations. Yes, Christian bands are frightfully like this as well. How many times do we have to hear lyrical cliches repeated over and over? (Hands & feet, city on a hill, Yadda Yadda)... Or a chorus of "whoa" over a chorus filled with toms and U2 ripoff riffs? Just food for thought. Some of us are still hungry. Hungry for something creative that can still praise GOD.
The inspiration and direction of this album was divinely inspired. I can't really take credit for it. Well, maybe on writing it down and recording it. I found myself playing certain parts of songs back and wondering how I recorded them. It seems like a weird cheesy thing to say but it's true actually. Everything seemed to move with the Spirit on these 10 songs. I'm thankful to GOD for the opportunity to be used in this way. Maybe some of these songs might be heard by someone that really needs to hear them. I don't know, but I do hope that people really enjoy them and rock out with positive encouraging messages. I know that the words speak to me when I really need to hear them.

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