#9 Rebuilding

Moving is hard. That’s all there is to it. Packing, unpacking, the physical lifting and maneuvering, arranging, cleaning, setting up and disconnecting services, and the list goes on…  Adjusting to a new house in a new area is stressful on the mind and body. I’m not new to moving around a bit but it does get harder as time moves on.
Setting up a new home studio is a feat in itself. It will eventually be up and fully functional, but we are just working out the bugs (sometimes literally) and designing a great home studio area. Hey, this place has a bathroom, wet bar, fridge, and a great view. It’s like a small version of Real World Studios overlooking a garden and gazebo. Not bad. The closeness of Lake Michigan and the sounds of the lighthouse and the waves make it a cool location alright.
So onto the musical aspect… I'd like to thank the guys at Sleeping Bag Studios for their support. I had a great interview with Ryan that will be out on an upcoming podcast. This month’s single (#9) was supposed to be released a week ago. Glitches with some equipment and our not very impressive cable provider (I’m sure you can guess who) have delayed this one a bit. The single for September, ON SUNDAY, will actually be released in October so keep your eyes open and sign up on the email list for current info. This single bounces between an Echo and the Bunnymen sound crossed with a horn section and a nod to older U2 tunes. It’s kind of a mutt if you will but has some good energy!

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