#6 In2 The Blue

...and so it goes. The Great America 6 hour torture show was done. I only say this because five sets is a challenge when you battle the loudspeakers and TVs with stage volume. Yes, they never turned the sound down. Really. In order not to sound like a rant and to keep this post on target, you can refer to this article which is pretty much right on http://goo.gl/C0eWGq (Digital Music News). Yes, that was a one time show. I can no longer support organizations that exploit musicians. Speaking of Apple....

Okay, this might get a little bit ranty.

#AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming. Well, they weren't at first but now have agreed to pay musicians $.002 per stream. If you are wondering why I do not have an iTunes radio station btw it is because there has to be a certain amount of sales. It is however hard to get sales if nobody hears the music, but I digress. It's just getting harder for indies to make a buck these days selling music or even playing shows. For some reason people are ready to fight you when you asked to be paid for your work and your time. This is indeed the devil's world as of late.

On a different note (ranty part done for now), The new electronic blues single In2 The Blue will be released within days. The sound is kind of like squishing the White Album Beatles into a tube with U2, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and some Dub samples. This single will mark the stepping back into the underlying Alt/Christian realm of previous singles. Really excited about this one! It was a contender for the Snakeline album but was not finished at the time. Lend me your ears, take a listen, and buy a copy HERE.


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