2 Daze in May.

After the big release of the Celtic Country song Warmer in Dublin, I started working on the next single which is in an entirely different direction. Just as I've said in previous posts, there will be a new single of widely varying genres released every month this year. We have and will be exploring Dubstep, Alt-Christian, Celtic Country, Instrumental Soundtrack, Indie Rock, Blues Dance Rock, and more. Sign up on the email list to get free exclusive songs and to keep up with the latest news.

May will signal the release of the World/Dubstep fusion song Rajah That, and the final Rhinocerotic reunion. This will be two drastically different musical events mixing the past with the future. It will be a very interesting month musically speaking.

News is out that our website partner Bandzoogle is now paired with Nielsen Soundscan. This means that our future progress will really be supported if you visit the site, listen to, and buy songs. This will support our experimentation into the dimensions of sonic expression. Please tell a friend to stop by the site and take a listen. We've got a good multi-genre vibe cooking for everyone here.

We are currently looking for people interested in being a part of and spreading the sounds of timkorry.com on a global level. Social networking, word of mouth, guerrilla marketing, etc... These people will also be on the front lines and included in some of the inner workings of this group.  Contact us at music@timkorry.com if you are interested. 

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