The Mission

We arrived at 6 Flags Great America on the morning of July 27th. After passing the security checkpoint we were allowed to park under the ----. The stage was unusual and cool as it was surrounded by old Spanish mission type architecture. Ironically the newly formed Christian band Revival was playing a stage called “The Mission Stage”. We were wondering how we would be received at a totally secular venue playing for five hours on the half hour. Turns out that people really dug it. We saw people jamming out, hands lifted, and even a few tears. Lot’s of spirit and emotion was flowing that day. Two of my new songs were also played from the upcoming Above the Snakeline CD. Revolve & Sacred Space are sounding good in the final mix and also take on a new vibe with a live band. As far as the CD goes, I recently sang the vocals to the final song Light of Love and assisted Dave Merrill of TBK with the finished production. Looks like we are ready for mastering!

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