Snakes & Ladders

 Above the Snakeline has been through the final mix. We are currently working with a mastering studio. A lot of work went into this particular album.... About 2 years of experimentation & recording. The album started with an intense visit by the Holy Spirit which resulted in a writing streak of 24 songs. In the end, 10 were selected for this album. One tune actually didn't make the cut for the Between the Sun & the Moon CD, but was revamped and reimagined for this project. 
I'll have to say that this is the most adventurous project to date.  I've been working on a country demo as well, which is a complete departure from anything I've been involved in before. That demo may be released in 2014. 
In Revival news, two founding members have left the band unexpectedly. I am not sure of the reason but it really left the rest of us hangin with an important show next weekend. Revival 2.0 practiced last night and still kicked out the jams acoustically. We are playing a closed door event but it will be a great chance to witness in front of some troubled teens. It's like our Christian rock version of Fulsom Prison if you will. Looking forward to it and playing with people focused on rockin in the name of The Lord. 
Above the Snakeline is scheduled for release in October 2013!

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