Live Music and Audio Recording Update

I'm meeting up with bass player extraordinaire Dave Merrill of the Blacktop Kings to start mixing the new CD. He mixed the first single First Heartbeat last year and did a great job. I haven't played a show with Dave since the old DFlowers days but he has helped me out with a few projects and I'm very thankful. He was in my first melodic metal band, True Logic, back when I was 19. Dave is a super talented blast from the past.
My  funky solid drummer CMac will join me this week to practice for a small festival in Kenosha, WI. I'm definitely looking forward to the rock/dance/live/sequenced combination that is planned for this supersonic event. CMac is leading the way into the future with his experience playing with DJ's and sequencing.
Practice with Revival continues and there have been some decent musical vibes floating through the practice. We should be ready to bring it with a heavy electric bluegrass bluesy country groove rock sound. Thats the best I can do for explaining it. June will be full of showsand we are thankful to be playing some great benefits and festivals right out of the gate. Stay tuned for more....

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