Indignation...Righteous Indignation....Dude

Okay, this will not be the usual blog post. Well, not for me anyway. Unlike many people in the world, I have no problem being brutally honest. Not to offend or upset anyone, but I'm tired of all the "PC" garbage in the out there. It seems as if you can't really say anything with substance or you will offend someone. So, buzz off (I would rather use a different word) if you are easily offended and read some blog from a coffee house or a church (which I find are becoming the same thing).

I'm taking a break from the church music scene as it has become irritating and lifeless. Yeah, you heard me. Listen, I just released a Christian album so I'm not knocking that, but I find that Christian music is so stale and repetitive that it's hard to call it music most of the time. It's more of a template with the same words and chord structures repeated over and over by different "artists". There are exceptions of course with a few real Spirit led bands and they are uplifting and awesome but the Christian bookstore mainstream pop is complete crap. I think that the devil is probably more involved in the promotion of these bands through mainstream CCM stations and churches with no discernment.... Hey man, the music industry is the music industry... period. Wake up you Christian t-shirt wearing sleepwalkers.

But wait, I thought this blog was about the fascinating musical adventures of an indie musician trying to get people to buy some dang music? Well, it is. Sometimes I just gotta blow off some steam while giving you the latest news. So here is whats going on....

I am working with 2 different mastering engineers in the UK on a couple songs from the recently released Above the Snakeline album. It seems that the mastering on the album just wasn't up to par but we will sort that. Chances of re-releasing the album look good. Speaking of a re-release, Strange Horses from 2012 was recently re-released on CDBaby. Check it out to hear some rockin live versions of songs from Music From Earth and remixes from Between the Sun and the Moon! I am also very excited to be working on two projects with DJ Maxume from South Africa. We previously collaborated on U2's Where the Streets Have No Name where I sang the vocals and he cranked out a killer dance mix. He is arranging a new dance remix of Light of Love from the Above the Snakeline album and we will be collaborating on another techno dance song after that. It's been really interesting taking with him on Skype and sharing musical ideas from different continents. It's cool to know that other people around the world have faith and can still express themselves artistically through music. I'm going to quit my rambling but would encourage you to stay tuned. See you on Twitter in the meantime....    don't be lukewarm.

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