So it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blogpost. Well, a lot has happened. Let’s start at the beginning. After the rock band Rhinocerotic burned up with parts flying everywhere, my trajectory shifted to a solo musician mode. Now this was after a few years gun slinging guitar in the DFlowers (Mercury Mayhem), playing quite a few open blues jams, and going through a lot of heavy life experiences. This year is actually the 10thanniversary of my first solo album MUSIC FROM EARTH. It’s been an interesting 10 years. I went from playing shows as a three piece band with the late melodious Timmy Wolf, Tracy Graff, the crazy and great Thundersticks, and the amazing and super cool John Owens III to sequenced shows with my wife Liza. Currently I haven’t had the time to gig out as myself due to joining the Midwest’s premiere U2 tribute band U2Zoo. That in itself is a bizarre thing but has been a fun challenge so far. It’s pretty much like show tunes man. I have to play a character and try to be convincing doing it.


This summer has brought some new opportunities and decisions to make. Suddenly I went from U2Zoo and solo career into being a member of 4 bands! This seems like a bit much with a day job and a family but at this point I’ll give it a go. These are all different genres, different crowds, and different roles. Actually I don’t know if I’ve processed all of it yet but I’m dusting off the guitar and getting ready to string again.  As of this fall I’ll be releasing solo material, the lead singer of U2Zoo, vocals and guitar in a new wave band (an offshoot of U2Zoo) called 1st Wave, and lead vocal and guitar in the infamous Blacktop Kings! It is sure to be a busy time but promises to be quite an adventure. More info will be on the way so stay tuned and tell a friend to sign up at to receive show announcements and special edition free mp3’s periodically.


To mark the 10 year solo anniversary I will be releasing an album of demo songs that were never released on any album. This is not a best of and will be a very raw collection of demo material. I guess we can call it alternative eh? These songs span actually  from the dissolving of Rhinocerotic (roughly around 2000) into the current decade. I’m curious to see the reaction to this very unpolished yet sonically quirky mix of tunes...     


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